About Us

Founded in 1999, Glory Group has been offering tailored and customer-focused property service to maximise our clients’ capital growth and yield from their real estate assets.

We have built a reputation for excellence and ability to deliver exceptional service in real estate development, residential sales, project marketing, commercial, and rental management. 

With our experience in property management, we promise to offer both local and overseas investors a stress-free investment from day one.

Property Sales & Purchase

With 21 years of accumulated experience in project marketing for the most prestigious property developers in the country, Glory Group has built unparalleled reputation in the industry with its ability to market projects from start to finish in all market conditions and provide our clients with expert advice every step of the way.

Property Management

Glory Group’s property management team offers premium services for residential property leasing across Australia. Our professional property managers will ensure a simple and stress-free experience for landlords and tenants. 

We help to save time and energy on finding tenants, property maintenance and rent collection. Providing you an enjoyable and profitable experience as a property investor.

Property Finance Consultation

With more than a decade of experience, Glory Home Loan is committed to find the right mortgage for you with straightforward, genuine advice and exemplary customer service.

We have access to a large range of loans from many lenders, from the big banks to smaller regional lenders, giving us huge scope to find the best loan suitable to you, so you can enjoy hassle-free loan comparison.

Our experts will explain the subtle differences between the many lenders and loan options, which can affect your monthly repayments and potentially save you thousands in interest. 

We’ll find the right home loan that fits your needs and circumstances whilst providing you with a smooth and stress-free mortgage process from start to finish. We aim to give you access to professional advice at any time and through any method of your choosing no matter what your financial requirement.